Below is a list of all publications used by Us while working on the study issues. This list includes all texts relating to various cases related to the study of hydration caves, therefore on our website we have introduced a breakdown of publications with thematic categories which can be an alternative for you to find the necessary information faster.

Adams G. C.
Gypsum and anhydrite resources in Nova Scotia
Economic Geology Series 91-1. Department of Natural Resources. Halifax. Nova Scotia:1–293
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Barr Sandra M., Reaside Robert P.
Pre-Carboniferous tectonostratigraphic subdivisions of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Maritime Sediments and Atlantic Geology, 22: 252-263
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Barr Sandra M., White Chris E.
Bedrock geology legend for Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Geoscience and Mines Branch, Open File Ilustration ME 2017-001
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Brilha José
Geoheritage: inventories and evaluation
In: Reynard E., Brilha J (eds), Geoheritage: Assessment, Protection, and Management. Elsevier, pp 69–85
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Bura Marta, Janowski Janusz
Virtual trip to the hydration caves at Pisky near Lviv (results of 3D documentation using a terrestrial laser scanning; TLS)
In: Bąbel M, Olszewska–Nejbert D, Nejbert N, Kotowski J (eds) Wietrzenie skał gipsowych i anhydrytowych. Polsko–Ukraińskie Seminarium Naukowe, 19–21.01.2017, Warszawa – Wydział Geologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. IGP WG UW, Warszawa, pp 47–51
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Butscher Christph, Mutschler Thomas, Blum Philipp
Swelling of clay–sulfate rocks: a review of processes and controls
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 49:1533–1549
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Calaforra José María, Pulido-Bosch Antonio
Genesis and evolution of gypsum tumuli
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 24:919–930
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de Leeuw A., Tulbure M., Kuiper K. F., Melinte-Dobrinescu M. C., Stoica M., Krijgsman W.
New 40Ar/39Ar, magnetostratigraphic and biostratigraphic constraints on the termination of the Badenian Salinity Crisis: Indications for tectonic improvement of basin interconnectivity in Southern Europe
Global and Planetary Change 169:1–15
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Fleuchaus Paul, Blum Phillipp
Damage event analysis of vertical ground source heat pump systems in Germany
Geothermal Energy, 5: 10. (pp 1–15). V. 5 article no. 10
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Ford Derek, Williams Paul
Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology 
Wiley, Chichester, pp 1–562
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Kes A. S.
Gypsum domes in a desert 
Priroda, No. 2:114–115
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Kraus Edward H.
Hydration Caves
Science, New Series, 22 (264):502-503
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MacNail Laura A. Pufahl Peir K., James Noel P.
Deposition of a saline giant in the Mississippian Windsor Group, Nova Scotia, and the nascent Late Paleozoic Ice Age
Sedimentary Geology 363:118–135
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Moore R. G., Ryan R. J.
Guide to the Invertebrate Fauna of the Windsor Group in Atlantic Canada
Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada, 67-5:1–57
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Reinboth Emmanuel
Geomorphosites: definitions and characteristics
In: E Reynard, P Coratza, G Regolini-Bissig (eds.), Geomorphosites. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München, pp 9–20.
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Reynard Von Fritz
Die Zwerglöcher bei Walkenried am Südharz – Bemerkungen zur Frage der Quellungshöhlen
Die Höhle, Zeitschrift für Karst– und Höhlenkunde 48(1):1–13
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Sankey Temuulen, Donager Jonathan, BcVay Jason, Sankey Joel B.
UAV lidar and hyperspectral fusion for forest monitoring in the southwestern USA
Remote Sensing of Environment 195:30–43
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Snavely Keith N.
Scene Reconstruction and Visualization from Internet Photo Collections
PhD thesis. University of Washington, Seattle, USA:1–192
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Stenson Ronald E., Ford Derek C.
Rillenkarren on gypsum in Nova Scotia
Géographie Physique et Quaternaire 47(2): 239–243
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Triggs Bill, McLauchlan Philip,  Hartley Richard, Fitzgibbon Adrew
Bundle adjustment – A modern synthesis
In: Triggs B., Zisserman A., Szeliski R. (eds) Vision Algorithms: Theory and Practice. IWVA 1999. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1883. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp 1–71
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Westoby M. J., Brasington J., Glasser N. F., Hambrey M. J., Reynolds J. M. 
‘Structure-from-Motion’ photogrammetry: A low-cost, effective tool for geoscience applications
Geomorphology 179:300-314
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Yushkin N. P.
Supergenesis of Carboniferous anhydrites of Novaya Zemlya
Polar Geography and Geology 18(1):33–43
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Zanbak C. Arthur R. C.
Geochemical and engineering aspects of anhydrite/gypsum phase transitions
Bulletin of the Association of Engineering Geologists 23(4):419–433
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